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Sharing the love of yarn

Eight years ago, crochet saved me. Back in 2013 I rediscovered the health benefits that come with being in the moment, and using a hook or needle to turn yarn into something both beautiful and practical. Initially, I crocheted scarf, after scarf. Too many to count. I then joined a group of craft-minded women with a goal to fundraise for our local primary school. In this group I made a life-long friend. This dear friend of mine then got be back into knitting again. She had the good sense to stop me from knitting a scarf. If you ever want to stay motivated on your first-ever, or first in a long-time NOT knit a scarf. With my friend's help, she picked out a pattern for me that required Aran yarn. (Side note: choose a thicker yarn for your very first project. Sure, I love 4ply, but it takes AGES to knit up).

The first hat that I knitted for the very first time on DPNs had some tension issues, but my daughter loved it all the same. Also, it was completed very quickly, due to the yarn being Aran weight. I'm sure this hat is still lurking in my daughters drawers somewhere. I've made loads of hats, scarves, gloves, cowls, cardigans and sweaters since. With each project, I try and learn a new technique, too. Being busy in the moment, creating each stitch, helps to keep me happy. I've never looked back. Through Good Wool Hunting we will be bringing you beautiful yarns, accessories and tools to aid you in your own creative process. Don't forget to bookmark our website and check back regularly!

All the best, Rachel


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