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West Yorkshire Spinners has arrived!

Our shipment of beautiful yarn has finally come!

I was on my way home from the dentist today (always an exciting time!) when I heard that a delivery of two pallets of yarn were arriving in an hour! It's always an exciting time, as a knitter, when you have so many boxes of yarn to unpack (seventeen, to be precise!) Four hours later, I'm recovering from the excitement of seeing so many colourful skeins of yarn, including BFL (Blue Faced Leicester sheep) yarn. What is BFL? BFL is short for Bluefaced Leicester wool, which is a specific sheep breed. BFL is a fine wool (24-28 microns) with well-defined crimp, and a long staple length typically between 3 and 6 inches. While fine, it is very durable and is fantastic for sock knitting. Not only that, it's stronger than merino yarn and is less likely to break or pill. BFL also has a better memory compared to merino, and therefore socks made from BFL are less likely to stretch out. Lastly, BFL has a lovely sheen to it. With all these good points, what's not to love?

Another fabulous type of yarn included in this shipment is Shetland Island wool. Shetland wool is known for being durable and hardy. We have solid colours in "The Croft" range, as well as tweed colours. Shetland wool is perfect for making jumpers that will keep you toasty and warm. Lastly, I'm excited to finally have the 4ply and lace yarn in "The Exquisite" collection. Exquisite is a beautiful blend of Falkland Islands wool (80%) and Mulberry Silk (20%), which creates perfect stitch definition with beautiful drape and sheen.  Falkland Wool is one of the world’s purest fleeces and perfectly complements the Mulberry Silk which is the highest quality silk available for purchase. The finished result is one of the most luxurious lace yarns on the market. 

I look forward to trying some of the self-striping ColourLab Zandra Rhodes yarn to make my next pair of socks. What do you look forward to making next?


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