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Just arrived! A massive shipment of Scheepjes and other beautiful yarn!

A Sea of Yarn!

Today we had a massive shipment of yarn arrive from the Netherlands! Included in this are the brands: Scheepjes, Opal and Lopi. There were two things that I thought of while checking everything off with Bruce. First of all, it was hard to not divert some of these new yarns into my own personal stash. The Scheepjes Whirls are absolutely beautiful, and I'm sure you'll love them, too. Secondly, many of the Scheepjes yarns had an art movement/artist theme, which reminded me of my Art History days thirty years ago at Otago University (now I'm showing my age!) If you're curious about these art-themed yarns, check out the Merino Soft and Whirl Fine Art ranges. Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter for further announcements and special offers!


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