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natural dyeing



September 25, 2022


Normally Rachel does the blog post, but this week has been very eventful. To start, I took a four night trip to London. Yes, just four nights!! It was a business trip and I had every day packed with meetings and activities. I had booked a day to Keighley to see the team at W...
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PART 1 : I'm a little bit obsessed

It's not hard to be, when it comes to dyeing with plants and food scraps. The idea of using the whole plant really appeals to me. When it comes to avocados, you not only get to enjoy eating the flesh, but you can use the skins and pips to make a beautiful dye. We also go thr...
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Greytown Fibre Co!

May 18, 2022

Greytown Fibre Co - naturally hand-dyed yarn and self-striping sock yarn!

For the longest time I've enjoyed experimenting with colour. Having a dedicated dye space makes things a whole lot easier logistically. In the early days of yarn dyeing, I used to have a couple of crates with my dye supplies and tools, and bring them from the garage to the k...
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