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Greytown Fibre Co!

For the longest time I've enjoyed experimenting with colour. Having a dedicated dye space makes things a whole lot easier logistically. In the early days of yarn dyeing, I used to have a couple of crates with my dye supplies and tools, and bring them from the garage to the kitchen whenever I wanted to do some dyeing. What a pain that was! The stress of setting everything up, keeping the area tidy(ish), and packing up by dinner-time was a hassle. Many people manage to dye out of their kitchen, bu...

May 18, 2022

Updates and an announcement!

If you've recently been to our website, you'll see that we recently added Countrywide's "Mandala" in 4ply to our store. Due to popular demand, we will also be stocking "Mandala" in 8ply. We are awaiting a delivery from the courier for this, so be prepared to see it available soon. New additions also include Broadway Hand dyed DK in an assortment of beautiful colours. We also have the Knitcol DK yarn from Adriafil, which knits into jacquard stripes all on its own! I've seen beanies, sca...

April 17, 2022

Crucci sock yarn has arrived!

Boy....what a long wait it was. But it was worth it! We currently have six of the colour patterns available, and I'm really eager to cast on a pair. However, I have a self-imposed rule of "one sock project at a time". I guess i'd better get cracking.If you've never tried knitting a sock, give it a go. When I first started, I found it a little daunting. But honestly, take your time. You will eventually find out your preferred type of sock, be it cuff-down or toe-up. Crucci has made a free sock pa...

February 16, 2022

Just arrived! A massive shipment of Scheepjes and other beautiful yarn!

Today we had a massive shipment of yarn arrive from the Netherlands! Included in this are the brands: Scheepjes, Opal and Lopi. There were two things that I thought of while checking everything off with Bruce. First of all, it was hard to not divert some of these new yarns into my own personal stash. The Scheepjes Whirls are absolutely beautiful, and I'm sure you'll love them, too. Secondly, many of the Scheepjes yarns had an art movement/artist theme, which reminded me of my Art History da...

January 25, 2022

West Yorkshire Spinners has arrived!

I was on my way home from the dentist today (always an exciting time!) when I heard that a delivery of two pallets of yarn were arriving in an hour! It's always an exciting time, as a knitter, when you have so many boxes of yarn to unpack (seventeen, to be precise!) Four hours later, I'm recovering from the excitement of seeing so many colourful skeins of yarn, including BFL (Blue Faced Leicester sheep) yarn. What is BFL? BFL is short for Bluefaced Leicester wool, which is a specific s...

January 17, 2022

Sock knitting - what yarn to use and what kind of heel to make?

Socks? Don't be intimidated at the prospect of knitting your very first sock. Every sock-knitter has to being somewhere, and a lot of the time the knowledge that we gain is through trial and error. In this post below, I hope to demystify sock knitting through addressing some of the questions you might have around yarn and method to use. Firstly, you have to use a yarn that you love. I, personally, find it highly unmotivating to use a yarn that I don't like the colour or feel of. "Second sock syn...

November 28, 2021

Exciting times ahead!

Eight years ago, crochet saved me. Back in 2013 I rediscovered the health benefits that come with being in the moment, and using a hook or needle to turn yarn into something both beautiful and practical. Initially, I crocheted scarf, after scarf. Too many to count. I then joined a group of craft-minded women with a goal to fundraise for our local primary school. In this group I made a life-long friend. This dear friend of mine then got be back into knitting again. She had the good sense to stop ...

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